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Guitar Melody by CyHi Da Prynce

Verse 1:

She danced around and around, to her own guitar melody
She danced around and around, to her own guitar melody x3

CyHi The:
Yeah, shawty got the body of a goddess
You can see it better from beside her
Plaid sh*t around her waist just to hide it
Bet that pussy is so aquatic
Even in some jeans man that that thing swings
Shawty so lean Alexander McQueen clean
This ain’t a fling I wanna see yah ring bling bling
I’m trying to knock that pussy out, ding. ding. ding
Girl i’m talking Lean cusinse steam green beans
I make Martin Luther Kings dream seem keen
Made it out me teens and I never seen Sing Sing
My name rings like the strings Springsteen bring, ring

So shawty bust that ass for me and you might get a stack from me
They act funny, til they see that cash money, hunnit
I ain’t nothing like the last dummy
So can you make it shake?
Haha, Can you make it it shake

Make it clap for me x3
Sexy Bring it back for me

She danced around and around, to her own guitar melody
She danced around and around, to her own guitar melody x3

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Verse: 2
Lil mam
Baby Bounce that ass for Fernando
I’m more then the guy trapping out the bando
I’m talking Amsterdam Blue grass with a banjo
And take you
Bet you never seen the sand out in Sandro
And Yo ass look good when you dance slow
Luccini father from the sky call it cab flow
Shirt from France but my pants from Japan though
Its hard to keep my eyes off of her
Plus I can give her more then what those other guys Offer her
The twist is Oliver she say
she go to college and she taking training school
I’m like what you mortified?
Cause that thing sittin’ right from the front
I can see some Rosa Parks in her
I took her off the bus and I cuffed her like an officer
She said her name was Kia so I put her in an Optima
Her momma know I’m popular, They watch me like binocular
But she gon make a playa cut a rug like a carpenter
Ha! shawty sassy as she wanna
be remind me of the Mona lisa trying to her home with me
Its crazy how you move it on the beat
So Shawty shake it right in front of me
While I smoke a blunt of kies on your bed
on your bed laying on your side
Your booty shaped the number 3

If i was looking for a girl…

Can you make it shake?
Baby Make it clap for me x3

She danced around and around

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