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Gone by Red Sky Mary

I’m gone
So long I’m moving on
There’s nothing to discuss
Been treated wrong
And I waited way to long
I’ve just had enough
You taunt and tease
Try to bring me to me knees
But I’m rising high
Cus I’m the breeze
The fire to your freeze
Now it’s time to fly
I’m gone, so long
I’m free to do what I want now
I’m gone, so long
I won’t see you around
I’m gone, so long
I’m leaving all of this sh*t now
I’m gone, so long
Get out of my way
I’m gone
So long I’m rolling on
I’m gonna leave this place
Cus I can’t take
Another wasted day
Looking at your face
I’m more than through
With people like you
So I say goodbye
I’ll be on top
Where the party never stops
I’ll be flying high
Hey little lover
I don’t need a girl smother
Everything that I do or say
Drinking whiskey in the kitchen
Ain’t the way we should be living
Just getting by day to day
I ain’t ever learned a lesson
Cus there’s always someone messing
Now it’s time that I draw the line
And be done with all you b**ches
I can’t wait to burn these bridges
But I’d rather use dynamite

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