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Fuckboy by Katie Dey

Oh sh*t you’re really doing it
My boy you’ve got your new friends
And your new place
Now your good times are comin in
What’s that? You don’t know how to think
Don’t think just find a new way to fit in
You could take up juggling
Don’t go back your daddy’s heart attack
Still ain’t had enough time
To let your mama get her life back

So get yourself up
And run the water down your shoulders
Maybe with some luck
You’ll find a better way of growing older
And you’re free of all your family
Will they still give you money?
Cuz baby don’t you need it?
Yea u need it god knows you need it

Just don’t let anyone near your bed
Yea you haven’t changed your sheets since you moved out
Thеre’s probably stuff growing in them
And your friends, do you еven like them?
Nobody’s called in ages and you’re not phased
I really hope that they’re not dead
And your cat, you said he never stays
But he always comes back doesn’t he?
I think he knows exactly what I’m saying
But he won’t let it show in front of me
Do you think he leaves just so he can play
With all his f**ked up little cat mates
Or does he just wanna get away
From all the noise out in the hallway?

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Cause f**k that
If I were him I wouldn’t come back
If I were him I wouldn’t come back
If I were him I wouldn’t come back

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