Fuck All Dem Haters Song Lyrics


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Fuck All Dem Haters by Stamo Songz

These niggas are intelligent
We lift up for the bang bang
We role up for the pu-pussy
The rap is like the weed to me
Salute when ya see my name
I’m rapping I’m singing I’m getting the moolar
I’m running Nkomazi when ya see me say hola
f**kup ya hate ya seeing my moolar
The aunties are snitches they deserve the buckies
Respect I Respect
Ta witchin ya f**kin your man is so stupid
S-Cube Iga kick all the asses
They crying they starving they begging my dollars
I’m spending my dollars I hook up the YSAR
In this game we rock
Give me ya pussy I f**k
Aunt said I’m week
f**kup G ya suck
G ya virgin I f**k
Stay away from us…

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