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Freedom by Lil Dan

Intro :] [Gimme freedom man… yeah I need it right now ! Gotta gimme… hey
Shhhhhut… yoka (Lil Dan)
[Verse 1 :] Okay ! Being a Christian is supposed to be the best thing in the word
But instead of angels, it’s creating monsters in the world (okay !)
The thang that normally gotta bring peace is bringin sward
Dunno who gonna be blamed for that cuz it’s becomin awkward
After Help Me, normally should sing another songs (Uh !)
See, I discover, life, Wisdom and so on
But I didn’t do it (yet) cuz I been put in the jail (For what?)
U say you like my soldier now and you don’t want me to get outta that thing now
You say I act like seculars, rapping, having gf’s
Y’added thangs I never did to get my bros and win’em
You don’t still understand you commit sins, it’s time right now
Cause what you gon do IF THE KING’S BACK RIGHT NOW !!! (Now !)
Ain’t outta jail for going back (back !)
You can never put me back ! (Blaaap !)
Ain’t outta jail and outta sin my bro for going back (yeah !)
Instruct your brothers what is written in the Bible, not the story of your life cause everybody got a morrow man
[Hook :] Freedom, that’s the thing I’m needing right now (Now!)
Freedom, gimme that freedom ! Hey !
The Bible say I been set outta sin and you can’t put me back !
Freedom, gimme that freedom ! hey !
We only gotta follow Ja (Jesus), y’aint the perfect example man !
Freedom, gimme that freedom ! hey !
You know I tryna do that just to show you that I ain’t sinning man !
Freedom, gimme that freedom ! hey !
[Verse 2 :] Uh, it’s true that Imma rapper while I’m doing it for Jesus
While the blinds are seeing, death ears are listenning, souls are saved for Jesus
That’s the way I’ve chosen to bring the Gospel in life of everybody
Tell me where’s the sin I commit cause I bring people to Christ (okay !)
Nazo rapper na lingala ! na kanda ya bangala
I’m tryna do it to show you how’s important to understand that
Omoni nga na supra, ogangi que na pengwa
Omoni nga na soeur opanzi sango ke nazo drakila
Masta ! Yoka, tika biloba loba
Ozo mi benga memè nzoka ozalaka na yo ntaba
Oyoki rap ebeti molimo na nzambe asali (Nzambe asali)
Ogangi na simbi kisi pour que je pue le beat (Haaa !)
Nganga na nga Nzambe, kisi na nga mwana n’ey ! (n’ey !)
JÃ?sus controle la zone biso tout na sima n’ey (yes !)
Let me do everything I want while I ain’t sinning !
A Christian ain’t a robot and I’m praying for you to have seen it yeah !
[Hook :] [Verse 3 :] Ti ndenge nazo pema boye eza po na nkembo ya Nzambe ! (ain’t ya !)
Yo jamais okota lola po obeti veste na souliers (never…)
Eza nde likambu ya kati Nzambe atalaka motema (‘tema)
Change your heart my brother soki olingi okota lola hahaha…
Let’s go !
[Hook :] [Outtro :] Yeah, I apologize if I have been a little bit “hardcore” but I want freedom rigt now cause… God already given me that since He dead foe me in the cross and you can never take me it like that !
Gotta let me fee right now ! OK ! yeah !!!

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