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Forevermore by Drawing North

[Verse 1] She’s standing with her bags
About to board a plane
But she can’t carry all the weight
That came with all the pain
But lucky us to have something right
That makes it so hard to say goodbye
If we are not alone
We might not ever know
[Pre-Chorus] We can’t find love with another one
Can’t find life with another one
You are all I would bet it on
Oh you know I would
Turn back time for a better run
Just to feel a little more
[Chorus] It’s hard to feel alive when you feel alone
Hard to build a house with no cornerstone
All I want is you to know
I will wait for you evermore
I will wait for
I will wait for
I will wait for you
[Verse 2] As I drive away
I wonder of the day
When I will see her face
Full of life again
[Bridge] You (repeat)

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