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Forever Unbroken by Fit For A King

You know nothing, when you tell me
That I worship a fabricated story in the sky
Throwing away decency because you can’t grasp
The life of peace and the voice of potency
Your words are wasted on me
I feel His breath and have seen great things
I’ve got nothing to hide, and nothing to lose
You can spit out your lies, while I tell you the truth
Mark my words, I won’t back down
Spit out your lies
Nothing you can say will change my mind
This is my life, this is my soul
All that I see points back to the divine
This is my life, you’ll never change me
Mark my words, I won’t back down
Lies have put me down
Hate has shut me out
Through the trials and the pain
I will remain forever unbroken
When skin separates from bone
I’ll never betray my vows
When death knocks at my door
I’ll never give in to the ones who doubted
The ones who pick weak faith apart
Keep coming with broken daggers
They will never pierce my heart
You’ll never change me

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