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Forces Of Nature by Comet Kid

Love me for only a moment
Let it be sweet, so sweet
I will be…
Loving you gently
Every touch makes me numb
We should be taking our time
Let’s just keep…
Dancing forever
Cause you’re all that I have now
Your fragile contender
Let us be lovers for long and then die when it’s gone
Come on
Oh, can you see, can you see me
Waiting in the darkest of place
Come she’d a light for me,
Or be the one to share all my darkness
I will be strong when you’re gone
I’ll be the beat of our strange little song
Come back for more than a moment
And we’ll share it whenever you want
Forces of nature,
I believe in hanging together,
But my noose is loose, my noose is loose and I’m loving it
I said forces of nature,
I believe in loving each other,
But my news is blues, my blues is news and you love it
: You and I, we’ve been alone for a while
I’ve been encouraged and more by the love I have for you dear
Out of the blue
It was always you

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