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Fly Trap by Angel Haze


Ridin around and my sh*t should be tinted
I’m makin some faces, b**ch look at me in it
Everyone fake in all of these pictures
So I don’t need friend and I don’t need limits
I don’t need friends and I don’t need limits
I just bee building, countin these digits
I don’t need friends and I don’t need limits
Stay to myself, stay to myself

I feel like everybody round me tryna get me a lot
Fly trap, couldn’t catch me in a stickier spot
Maybe its just cuz I’m the sh*t and they keep sniffing me out
Try with all they f**kin might but they can’t figure me out
I got the gauze tape, crow bar, r8, saw blade
Pull up on a nigga with the long case, shawshanked
Yall don’t get it at all
b**ch I’m Kobe! Gimme the ball, aye!
I see shots I’ma take it and hit it
You seem happy just makin a livin
Girl with the gun, gotta make me a killin
Gimme who’s in charge, ion play with no children
Please please good lord, would you guide me
Lead me to my purpose and I’ma follow you blindly
Evil come for me need you to cover and hide me
Don’t let no silly nigga surprise me
Amen (church!)

Sometimes I just sit around
Daydreamin bout killin somethin
Big house with the field around
Put a lake in it so I swim around it
In n out need that number one
With them chilli jawns like I’m philly bound
You niggas swarmin too many clowns
Too many mouths screamin gimme now

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I’m like get me out!
What the f**k is this
I got super powers
Like a f**kin myth
Got slaps for niggas like a open fist
Get a nigga scratched like a broken disc
In a world full of people with a hole in they soul
Gotta find the truth about you gotta focus the glow
Can’t tell me nothin I just know what I know
Gotta be you gotta go where you grow

I been had the gold
I been had the mold
I been had the vision
I been fightin demons
Since I started breathin
This sh*t is a given
I think whats been killing me most
Is not makin no honest decisions
About who I am
About who I wanna be
sh*t in the distance
sh*t in the distance
I just been living
Yeah, I just been living
Floating, spacing out in the distance
Runnin tryna find what I’m missin
Wake up, wake up
I just been livin

I’m just like who would you be if nobody was watching
I ask myself often, like why are you cautious
I need some devotion, I cant be no option
I’m flyin I’m floatin I can’t be held down
If I’m slowing the motion to pick out the blades
Diggin the hole, get the gifts out the grave
Somewhere in my journey got stuck in my ways
Too many problems with being unphased
And missin the days, when I was a youngin
Me and my dragon alone in the dungeon
Niggas couldn’t tell me not nothin bout nothin
I bleed wit the moon and stay up til the sunkissed
I knew in my heart I could do the impossible
Still know that now after all of these obstacles
I been believin the sh*t out my fears
Gotta get back to this sh*t near my ribs

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Tell me its a poetry you live it from the start
The only way to feel it is to fumble in the dark
My mama told me things gon come around jus play your part
I gotta feel alive, I gotta feel the spark (wake up!)

Now I’m like who would you be if somebody would listen
And ask how you feel about you and the distance
And how sh*t go south with the truest intentions
And how you feel so far from home but still miss it
These niggas is petty these b**ches is vicious
All that I know man I ain’t seen no different
I crop niggas out, I zoom into pictures
I’m lookin, I’m lookin, I’m lookin

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