Fire With Fire Song Lyrics


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Fire With Fire by Sonny Court

Verse 1:
I know you
But I feel like I don’t
What’s up with you?
Is something going on
In your life
Your face is Heaven
Your body screams Devil
Your heart is cold
You’re hottie next level
Your heart was froze
But now it’s here melting for me (for me)
Your body’s on fire
I’m your match blow me out (no doubt)
So Imma fight
Fire with fire (eh)
Fire with fire
Imma fight fire with fire (eh)
Fire with fire
Chorus 2nd part
Light it up
Let it burn
Blow smoke yeah
There’s no smoke without fire
Verse 2:
I want to
Give you pleasure you never known
I’m up to do?
Anything to make you moan get grown
All night
When I’m through
You will never want another one
Torchin’ you
I’m the only firebug
To spark that light

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