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Felix Brothers by Gucci Mane

[Hook:] We the felix brothers, vato, we the felix brothers
We count 200 million every time we meet each other
I’m in LA, caviar, like a Meechie Brother
Guwop a felix brother, PeeWee he a felix brother
We the felix brothers, nigga, we the felix brothers
We’ll cut your body into pieces, send it to your mother
VVS’ br-br-br got diamonds on the cutters
Ballin’ hard in Tijuana, cocaine, lean and marijuana
[Verse 1: Gucci Mane] They call me Felix, when I’m in Pheonix, I’m selling cheap sh*t
Cheap bricks, that ain’t that remix, I got that clean sh*t
I bulletproof my Hummers, I got Noreaga numbers
Call it Christmas in the summer when I touch down with them bumpers
Stash house in the jungle, I done filled it up with hundreds
A hundred killers, just go like gorillas, Brick Squad we ain’t (?)
Throw a (?) we blow up your beamer, then cut off your fingers
Got a gold AK, and a gold AP, and I’m slidin’ down the street on fo’s
Got a hit squad vato, (?) niggas
(?) won’t sip on that ammo
The world is all mine, I want all of it nigga
And I got enough choppers for all of you niggas
You say you’re my friend, and you say you’re my man, but you roll with the nigga that snitched on a nigga
You’re down on your luck and you say you’re f**ked up and I should get your white for a brick of that dust
Money got a little dust on it
Blunt got a little tuss’ on it
Fell in love with that white girl
At first I had a little crush on it
Dope coming by train nigga
Caravan then by plane nigga
So Icey print on my last brick
But these bricks plain jane, nigga
[Hook] [Verse 2: PeeWee Longway] Chop your body into pieces, send it to your momma
Walking in the underground tunnel with a hundred bundles
And a hundred gunners spraying colors, wet you up, tomato
We at war with chapos, send my head honcho, get your b**ch at brunch
Double back duwop for lunch, big guns that shoot outside front
Cocaine, lean, marijuana, close call, got goons on call, show up on your porch
OG weed rolled up in my blunt
We the Felix Brothers, nigga
Smash your ass straight out that junt
Felix brothers, nigga
Every time we have a meeting, agree, count two hundred (?)
AK that go by the name of my car, and my brother (?)
My max is extortion, them youngins are bussin’
New York, meet with 50 for a (?)
Told you before, we them Felix Brothers
Me and my main man, we (?)
You see one of us, you gon’ see the other
My bredren, my bredren, my bredren
I told you before, don’t beef with us
We letting go rounds in the beamer truck
f**k up your whole town like Katrina struck
I told you before, we the Felix Brothers

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