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Falling Down by Meet The Robots

Open your eyes criticise what’s in front of your face
Before too long it’ll push you over the edge
Freedom’s an illusion
Minimum wage keeps the workers in their place
If it’s not war it’s disease the economy breaks
News on the TV lies it’s a f**king disgrace
Close your eyes if you wanna
Propaganda keeps the people in their place
It’s over now, this whole thing is falling down
Just hold me now, this whole thing is falling down
This whole thing is falling down
Just watch as they tear it down
This whole thing is falling down
Stand up, get out or get in
Look at this mess we’re in
If you look you will find and you’ll never forget
Effects of greed on this world and the people dead
Just live your life if you wanna
If doesn’t matter if it’s you that’s just been fed
If you consume then you’re doomed to spend your whole life in debt
Sell you a dream out of reach you can never get
The system will hunt you down
It’s all designed to keep you numb and in your place

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