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Eze M by Chen Wang Emmanuel

There is nothing… absolutely nothing
That can’t separate me from the love of God
And people tell me all manner of things
They ask me how can your God ever be enough
They say this your God is unserious
See your condition is hilarious,
You can never be victorious
When I look to my left… He’s with me
Even when I look to my right… He’s with me
And when I turn around He’s with me
He’s living inside of me
M le anya n’iru m o
M le anya n’azu m o
A ga m ahu ife o na-eme
Onye oma m
Ihunanya gi Asogbuo m o
Mgbe m dara ada I bulie m
Soso gi bu chi m o
Chukwu Okike
Mgbe m riaria oria I gworom o
Odogwu akataka dike m o
Eze M
My God is bigger and He’s bigger than the rest
He is better and He’s better than the best.
He’s indescribable. uncomparable, uncontainable,
He’s God alone
He’s higher than every mountain
His love is deeper than any sea
Bigger and Bigger and Bigger my God is He
They say see your dressing is hideous
See your poverty is contagious
You still trust God, that’s outrageous
M le anya n’iru m o
M le anya n’azu m o
A ga m ahu ife o na-eme eh
(Instrumental interlude)
Onyeoma x20

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