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Escape From New York by Chris Mills

Stars are falling from the sky
And virgins all from the parapet
With arms outstretched, they have leapt
They are tired of waiting
For a groom they know will never come
Now that the King of Kings has gone out of his head
He’s whispering to fools in their beds
And giving them the power
And it’s late, but it’s not too late
We can still make our escape
I’ve tunneled beneath the subway line
So take a last look from the corner of your eye
At the city lights all fading
Now that the sky has come crashing to the ground
And we’ve played back all the black boxes we found
On the corner kids are moving to the sound
Of history repeating
So say goodbye to all that you love best
And hope we find it all again somewhere out west
For in these skyscr*pers united we will stand
Only in our isolation
And I’m high, but I’m not that high
If we had a car, I think I could still drive
From here to the Berlin Wall
Or the bottom of the ocean
And it’s late, but it’s not too late
We can still make our escape
And though it’s sad, it’s not that sad
For soon the memories of the hard times that we’ve had
Will be like city lights all fading

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