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Ecstasy by Madrugada

When I am gone and none remain
To clear your eyes and know your pain
Carry on little river sadness
To the void that has always been

I’ve been, and always will be here
I’ve loved and I have missed you, dear
And the life that I once gave you
Is the life you’ve restored in me

If you, like I, should fear your heart
And be reduced to playing a part
I wish you’d be what only you can be
In spite of what you’re told

The truths and lies you’ve kept within
The ecstasy in everything
Spill it all to the one who’ll love you
It is truth, it is hope
It is unbelievable
Carry on, carry on

Cause I keep riding by your side
I’ll see you wronged, I’ll see you fight
For the light that is left inside you
For your life, to the death
To the stars
Until we break apart

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