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Eagle by Kingdom Life

Pre chorus:
Lift your eyes up to the skies look from the place, you are
Just leave your past behind, it’s time for your BrandNew start
It’s gonna be alright, so just hold tight
Coz in the darkest night will the stars shine
Like an eagle in the sky, you’ll be soaring high
Don’t need to carry that weight, let your light shine
Verse 1
Rock and a hard place – I’ve been there
Losing hope in a storm Yes I’ve been there
Burnt a bridge then you need to go back
It’s your birthday but you just got sacked
Bags were packed couldn’t look back
Then your girl walks out – just like that
Your were first one minute now you are last
The future you planed is now the past
Suicide on your mind – I’ve been there
Three jobs no money yes I’ve been there
Tryin to get high cos you feeling low
That bad bad habit you can’t let go
There’s a man in the mirror that you don’t know
So much pain – for so long
What you done wrong is done for
Just fly high like an eagle you are reborn
Pre Chorus
Lift your eyes up to the skies, and know He see’s your hurt
Be strong and don’t you cry, be still and know he holds your world
Verse 2
He was the closest, she was the oldest,
Memories staring at back at the photo’s
Wish it weren’t a dream, missing every feel, how he held you with his heart so modest.
And now she’s trying be honest, trying be idle and be the strongest
While the past cries out loud, no focus, losing a loved one can be ferocious
So wrong but feels right, wrong door but she leans right
Used to be a queen but times change she needs Christ
All she does is fall back and forth, ‘cus she needs light
Psychedelic thoughts never leaves her mind
Need to re-align and rewind and retry
So she falls back in his arms back in the stance
Now back up again with a free mind,
Let Grace take over
Pre Chorus:
If You’ve seen your life fall apart before your eyes
Just Look unto him He’ll take you soaring through the skies.
Verse 3
Every Day Every Struggle
So much sorrow for the humble
The pain, the horror, the sight I wonder
How not to stumble, get jumbled with the world
To see the righteous curl
Like the girl, who lost her swirl to the world, being real is unheard
The Good the Bad the Ugly. Oh my
Letchya Light Shine. Oh my
Born to be destined. Oh my
Make the right choice. Oh my
Look to the sky with your hands lifted high
Help is on the way, yo Praise Adonai
Hope to the hopeless, Help to the helpless
Christ chose us, be our guidance.
Pre Chorus
Lift your eyes up to the skies and see the countless stars
Take a look into your life, see how you’ve come so far

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