Dragons, A Parody Of Demons Song Lyrics


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Dragons, A Parody Of Demons by Natewantstobattle

When your Ice-Make’s cold
Tarot cards all fold
And these doors stay locked with the keys we hold
When your ship sets sail
And your stomach fails
You can find your balance in Fairy Tail

You cannot hide from me
Cos we’re a family
Just let the beast inside
Take over, don’t you cry
If you stay close to me
Remember you’ll be freed
The evil king will call
Dorma Anim will fall

Now these Oracion Seis
Will bring the darkest days
But I’ll stay by your side
During this demon fight
I’ve got a fire in me
And I know inside
I can feel it burn
The dragons will return

You’ve aching bones
And you’re out of home
And you’ve lost your way, you’re not alone
Hold your hand up high
To thw light

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