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Dime Store Cowgirl by Kacey Musgraves

[Verse 1] I’ve had my picture made with Willie Nelson
Stayed in a hotel with a pool
Driven through New Mexico where the saguaro cactus grow
And I felt really small under Mount Rushmore
[Pre-Chorus] And I made it all the way past Austin city limits
And maybe for a minute, I got too big for my britches, but
[Chorus] I’m just a dime store cowgirl
That’s all I’m ever gonna be
You can take me out of the country
But you can’t take the country out of me, no
Cause I’m still the girl from Golden
Had to get away so I could grow
But it don’t matter where I’m goin’
I’ll still call my hometown home
[Verse 2] Slept in a room with the ghost of Gram Parsons
Drank some wine I can’t afford
Went to San Antonio to the riverwalk and rodeo
Seen the white cliffs of Dover from the shore
[Pre-Chorus] And I kinda fell in love with a Palm Springs trailer park
But those California stars could never steal my heart, cause
[Chorus] [Bridge] I’m happy with what I got, cause what I got is all I need
Just cause it don’t cost a lot, don’t cost a lot, don’t mean it’s cheap
[Chorus] I’ll still call my hometown home

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