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Devil’s In The Detail by Doc Jazz

It’s tantalizing
Needs an*lyzing
Before you know what you’re talking about
It’s electrifying
There’s no denying
She’s got the goods and it’s gonna break out
You may be dreaming
You may be scheming
But there’s no way that it’s gonna work out
She’s gonna getcha
Not gonna letcha
Cause when you’re hooked she’s gonna bail out
You chose designer over retail
But you should have stayed within your league
Because the devil’s in the detail
And your vision has been far too weak
So you don’t even see it coming
It’s gonna hit you like a hurricane
That wicked blindness is alarming
She is about to make you go insane
It’s so surprising
The waves are rising
Your body heat reaches fever pitch
Gotta lose the passion
You’re not one for fashion
You will complain that life is a b**ch
Just keep your money
And ditch the honey
There’s just some things beyond your reach
Forget the curves and
Just spare your nerves and
Go for the apple and leave the peach

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