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Defiant by Four Owls

[Verse 1] Will turn the vision but it is some kind of wisdom
Niggas kiss cuz I’ve been split in night the sistem
Then pick school my girl like: Now so been just missing
Lay with me, they know I start to split all in the kicthen
Never ever sleep into, the sistem brow you
Define all the line, define the line on programs
Set to make moves now, put it for my children
There’s yet to be born, yes to be born
[?] and how you bring storms
You got that break, break with all the stuff to load
If you wanna be a big rapper on tour
Force, true hit the floor, remember this raport, yeah this never ever fall
It’s fallin’ to the cort, I come rock above the floor
Put that in your popping line and yeah you’ll now it’s war
Yeah they know it’s war, down the line forever war
Forever the fire, the skinny frame dial, alwayse lean, come around
Call me now with those all reliens
She self see selves but I don’t bother
But for sure the out strike ball and still is from the underground
From glass street from London town
Send a joke to the sky, took you high like a founder cloud
Woander how we can make it look forever gettin’ for that cloud
Couldn’t swallow my pride, think it higher just munch it down
Lil skage on, blacky jeans, got flavour for the paper and was probbaly at the waiting
Drive my banks great for two deegree we major
Free was the fazes but by now they forgive us
But that’s just how it is
Answer on back side when we were sum litle kids
And I guess now it’s what our profession is
So that’s why I told you slow to the (?)
Now showt for everyone how kept fate and found us
[Hook] x 2
I don’t take no for an answer
I take no sh*t, I spend quote you took notice
I refuse to lose you will not see me fall
We are not the same, you wanna see me fall
[Verse 1] Let’s stop and got record, swift it on that door
Listen to me, I can lead the blind like a labrador
Acting now like I am under you
I am not leaving, hard make never skean
Defian in the lost it’s the paper in the dark
Never stop since the fire is in the [?] Can’t tell me anything after my mind’s made
When I say this sh*t you say hide grade
Lie away, gun up, amn get some other sh*t
I refuse to sleep, I know how his cousin is
Stop from this abuse since I grab that little fool
Done it with this b**ch since he was a little kid
They refuse to eat silence, lup they beat banging
And my head falls now I roll throw the dead so
God, diamonds there’s too much for your head dog
I repeat I will not lose, yeah
Let’s go, got pistols and [?] like the bust
People never mind it’s like they ai’t carry so much
They time is on, it’s likle they go on porpuse the go find one
Under the sun we live in this word and my mind spun
From to many drugs live ripper [?] Too many sl*ts went in the room and tell me he’s laughin’
Maybe it was, it’s hard to tell now our days
Change and need all in this life, the game is like my mouth play
Keep into my maze similar with [?] We was just press to play and terry down [?] They wanted for ’em self but I love competition
Feeling better for my health
For the oppposition, forever mooving in competition
Double missing for eight hours, and get at least missin g
Been skippin’, still splitin’, free style and get ready
Get ready on position like getting flyin’ in the sky

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