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Decoration Day by Jeff Black

At the end of this old highway
Lay the bones of a little town
Along the railroad line
From a long long time ago
Just a road out through the country
They were listening for the sound
The car just seemed to slow down on it’s own
From Bethany to Lineville
Time sure took it’s toll
He said I think this is the turn
Here but I’m not sure
With a world of good intention
He tried to make them smile
So he said something off color and obscure

We’re lucky to be laughing
To roll this gypsy wheel
We’ve walked a thousand roads
And we made good time
So if only for this moment
It’s such a lovely day
We should trip this wire for a while
On a century of holdouts
And all we’re thankful for
On the freshest breath of air we’ll ever taste
Rose and yellow peonies
Sweet the memories
We’ll stop and say hello
But we won’t stay

The kids were tired and troubled
So he veered off the repose
And told a story about them
Growing up on a farm
She fixed them all a sandwich
And said I spy something blue
They said goodbye and headed out for home
He could almost see the ocean
Beyond the fields of green
Beyond the life he lived and knew before
Further back than memories
In black and white he dreamed
A picture of them standing by the door

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