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Day In Day Out by Jerk Magnet

If he gave all his time well he made you his faith well
It wouldn’t make you happy like the look on his face
As you pulled out the hour glass and emptied his
Dreams like sand explained how his time meant
Nothing and to listen to your demands and all the work
He’s put in on you if you only knew sit down with him
Tonight and try to make it right so the story didn’t say
Monday ’til Tuesday and Wednesday feels like go away
Day he abandoned ship that’s what it took to prove
The man overboard meant something to you and now
You have to find a shoulder to cry on and tell your
Friends how it was all his fault it’s never yours and
Now you feel you’re growing older you’re dead wrong
And you can’t spend a single day away from him if
She gave all her time she gave up her friends well it
Wouldn’t make you happy just to see her bend ’cause
You feel you’re the victim and she is so guilty what an
Easy sentence he’s the judge and jury and all those
Nights he didn’t spend with you if you only knew how
Do you feel inside it’s just not right well should I go
Away I’ll think about you everyday and please don’t
Roll your eyes I’ll ask you one last time well should we
Stay the same it would still be Monday

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