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Dancing Man by Emma Ruth Rundle

Remembering you

Spin in the garden, in roses not red
Peach were the petals there instead
Poised in perfumes, anointed in blue
The orphans can smile for an afternoon

Keeps a balance, my gentlest friend
I know you from Adam, I’ve known you

All I’ve known of love
All I’ve known of love

There in summer and there again in spring
Shoot me down Chinatown
And you’ll wear your makeup and I’ll hide my mess
The urchins parade in their Sundays

Tear of Sodom and tears wept for Troy
But for you, friend, of joy
I see you there, Dancing Man
I knew you could sing
All of your poetry

All the love
All I know of love
All the love, mmm
All I know of love

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