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Consequence by A Feast For Kings

I can’t stomach the thought
It’s sickening
I burned the bridges
That you made for me
So why would you put up with me
I’ve broken every form of trust
That you could build
With a boy who’s fatherless
Anyone else would
Watch from a distance
As I drown myself in selfishness
But no, not you not you
Though I wish you would
Branded like I’m someone
Else’s property
I feel like such a waste of life
When you’d say to me
“It’s OK son, I’ll always love you”
But mother I’m so afraid
I won’t stop hurting you
My mind can’t handle
Your normality
I get so lost in thoughts
That no one else would ever dream
Step off, come back
No just abandon me
I’d rather you be free
I need something more them help
Before I end up
In hell itself
It would seem there’s only
Demons in me
I can’t stomach the thought
It’s sickening
I’m tired of losing this
Battle inside me
I think it’s time to give
This fantasy
To think that I could unwreck
My history
Take all that I am
Be alive in me
Here me now
I am your child
Broken on my knees
Please God be the freedom in me

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