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City Of Dealers by Doughboyz Cashout

My plans after high-school, simple
Get skrilla
My heroes came in no case,
No chinchillas

Living in the city, where a nigga have a job
And nobody wanna steal, a dealer like god
Street niggas looking like they just went platinum
Foreign on his feet with the Rolex platinum
You wanna get money with him, but he have actions
So I’mma sell my deal, make the nigga come to me
I’m a real hood nigga, I don’t finesse
Cause in my city, that will get your ass stretched
Learn from the best, past gang to the puff
Sipping with my Daddy Mush, champagne in the cup
Posted at the spot, and my sack still fresh
Looking at the block, I look right to your left
Saw a narc car and almost lost my breath
Way back around the corner, er’body clear the set

(Hook 2x)
In the city full of dealers
In the hood full of killers
Keep the bullsh*t out, there’s more money
So I hit the block and I have my own money
Was under 21, playn with grown money

I’m from the city, it’s a competition, I get slugged
You gon’ treat me out of line or you gon’ hop one in front?
See, man, you better watch it, if it buys the scrubs
The hell you looking at the gut, we only got ten months
Murders going on er’time in the streets
Don’t believe this sh*t real, follow crime in the D
I know niggas want my head, all these diamonds on me
The case, stop shouting, I just got it to me
Got a fatigue? Not for me, but my nigga official
Gotta connect with YG-Cane when needed a pistol
Wanna cough me a 50? I just needed credentials
Niggas wanna see us dial? Sign the papers with our initials

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