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Ciara’s Prayer by Summer Walker

Jesus, I need you
I don’t fully understand everything right now
But I know you have great plans for me
I’m hurting, but there’s purpose in my pain
I need you
I need you to restore my faith in love
Give me strength
I know I can’t do it all on my own
I’m tired
I don’t want to hurt no more
I don’t want to feel like this ever again
Thank you for hearing my cry
Thank you for hearing my heart
I know you’ll do what’s right with it
Thank you for never judging me
I’m broken, but I’m beautifully broken
I know you would help me put the right pieces together
I know my pain is not in vain
I know that my baby is the most precious gift you’ve given me in life
And I thank you for that
Thank you
Cover and protect us Lord
I pray the next man in my life will be my husband
I pray he loves me, leads me
Guides me, reassures me
I pray that he holds me
I pray that I have everything that I want and need in him
I pray he will love me the way you love me
Your love is unconditional
You are the way, the truth, and the life
In you there’s hope
Lord you say, “Love is patient, love is kind
It does not envy”
I believe in this pure love
This is what I want
Lord, thank you for reminding me who I am
I am a Queen, I deserve to be treated like one
I’m a warrior, I will get up
I’m a child of God, I’m everything you say I am
I’m an overcomer, I’m built for this
Lord, I’m ready
In Jesus name, Amen

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