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Christmas Next Year by Nick Barstow

One more
Drive home after Christmas,
Quite how much you’ll miss ‘us’.
Each year,
I don’t come for presents;
Moments in your presence –
They’re the gift to me.

Most years,
Nothing really changes.
Still we’re
Friends, but somehow strangers
Lost, yet,
Once a year, colliding –
Never quite deciding

I’ll review what’s occurred.
Whether facts simply blurred.
It happens
Every Christmas –
With new memories made,
But memories fade,
And soon, I know I’ll wonder

When? How?
Were we really laughing?
Was it really dancing?
Will it be more clear –
When Christmas comes around next year?

By the
First day of December,
It’s a
Wonder I remember.
Still I
See you there before me
Think of what’s in store, we
Must make history.

I plan
All that I will buy you –
If I’m not too shy to…
Then, plan
Each part of our journey –
Every twist and turn we
Might take.

I know
You love stories, and themes.
Life it’s perfect extremes.
It’s simple, but effective.
So I plan a mix
Of different tricks
To truly entertain you

That way,
I might get you laughing,
Maybe even dancing,
Where I’ll hold you near.
When Christmas comes around this year…

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Maybe you would rather stay as friends.
Maybe I misunderstood your clues.
Maybe we should dare,
By risking all the things we share –
Maybe we have no choice but to choose…

I should have conviction –
Write another fiction
Where the future’s clear…
Maybe Christmastime next year…

Maybe Christmastime one year…

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