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Chink Of The Money by Rapper Manan

Chink of the money At the blink of
An eye.
Everytime I see the world is at well
At the Heart of the Matters what
Matter is
Money Having it enough makes the
Gloomy sun sunny.
Parents and friends, Fans and Mates
All make you a star with the chink of
The money. lately it appears the
World is so cold as has been told by
The stories of old.
The more you recieve the more you
Desire just wanna fill an endless
Do we reflect the money
Makes us deflect from the truth as it
Shadows the false prceptions lies
And deceptions hover over us.
Now you have a choice of your own
Let it be known or have your self
Within known
The money makes us selfish if not
Controllef, it owns you more then
What you yourself own.
Make me Remember the days of
I wish just for sometime more they
Would have last.
But the abyss goes deep a little
Hope remains a single beam of light
Shane our hearts.
Just Raise your Hands to touch the
Sky give wing to your soul let make it
BEGIN With the deep inside within
The source of knowlege it’s rain
Shower upon Shower the self
Become fertile like a time travel it
Makes you change in a while.
Truth is within not in the chink of
Coin the Cars, Buildings, Parties and
Just need to stand up and observe
Around unRavel the dimesions
Without any bound they flaw you for
What you rightly deserve hate you,
Bamboozle You with twist and curve
O! boy little do these words make a
But I wanna inform you what you do
Is a crime thought they detest of
What you now believe they wanted
You to live a matrix which has been
Breaked now lend me an ear with a
Thoughtful listen this how the living
From Dead have Risen.
Peep in the tragedy the production
Of the Drama
Remove your Spectacles to see a
Clear Panaroma.
What I sing is not hoodwink
But the crave is to make you a blink
The hypnosis that you have been
Spelled with has now been broken
With charm of soul Now let you
Awake others as you have seen.
Remove the bluring fill the life with
Gift of Green

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