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Carnival by Philip Drake

Once the day falls away,
The night sweeps me from inside,
Old thoughts slowly rise,
I tried to escape,
But there is no where to go,
As these emotions are rising,
They drown me,
These emotions inside,
They try to get me down,
But I won’t lose control,
Carnival is time to go,
These thoughts on my mind,
Keep playing on rewind,
Not tonight,
Time to let them go,
For once and for all,
The night is my old friend,
I don’t feel complete till the night invades in my mind,
I’m going on this ride,
I still try to forget you,
Can’t help myself,
I can’t seem to forget you,
My head is spinning from these rides,
My mind made one crazy carnival ride,
Its all spinning off control,
If I don’t hold on I will lose it all,
For once and for all,
Time to let em go,
For once and for all,
I will do it for you,
You will know it will be true,
I will try to control,
The fair inside,
The emotions inside for you

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