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Car Trouble by Two Way Crossing

It’s a bucket of rust, runs a little rough
I could tune it up, but it wouldn’t change much
Black smoke blowin’ out the tailpipe
Takes everything I got just to put it in drive�
So why tonight� Is it running just fine?
The way you’re lookin at me’s
Got me wishin this thing would..
Burn through a tank of gas
Overheat, maybe drop a shaft
Anything for a slowdown, fast
Kill the speed and make the night last
Why’s this thing being so reliableâ€?
When all I need is a little Car Trouble?
You got it goin on girl, you’re tearin me up
Ridin middle shotgun, ain’t close enough
The dash-glow look in your eyes
It’d be a perfect time to break down tonight!
These ragged old wheels are short on tread
But tonight their running like they’ve got a million miles left
There’s a hill up ahead, I know it won’t climb
But for some damn reason it’s climbing it tonight!!

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