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Bring Down The Wall by Doc Jazz

Near your picture on the mantelpiece
Lies a souvenir
But this little piece of concrete
Has a special atmosphere
Cause it reminds me of the time when you and I were in Berlin
When the people tore the wall down we watched it with a grin
But yesterday the papers
Had some quite disturbing news
They’re building yet another wall
To split the Arabs from the Jews
They’re calling it a safety fence to make it look so good
But the truth of the Apartheid wall is so misunderstood
So I say no, no
No to the wall
This prison will not last
This structure will fall
Apartheid is your policy but we will not let it be
So we say no, no
Forget it
We’ll bring down the wall
With merciless destruction
The wall is crawling through the hills
Olive trees and orange orchards killed
By bulldozers and drills
Land is stolen from the farmers, people losing homes and plants
Endless violent occupation, will this nightmare never end?
With continued dispossession
Because of Israeli greed
Palestinians live their lives
Under a system based on creed
Because Zionist Apartheid is the engine of the game
Without respect for other peoples there will never be a change
If you’re looking for security
You need not build a wall
Just recognizing Palestine
Is the essence of it all
There is no need to build a wall of concrete and steel
So stop the occupation, stick to your end of the deal

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