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Bricka Boy by Alley Boy

This a bricka boy
This a bricka boy
This a bricka boy
A 45 for the splits

This is for the bricks
If I don’t know tell myslef
Bring meats
This a bricka boy
This a bricka boy
This a bricka boy

Ain’t no bricks on bricks
Coke on coke
b**ch, y’all on smack
We really sellin’ dough
50 for the bricks
10 for a split
These niggas wanna work
Then they got that sh*t
No white talk
I’m talking brown
Grade work
I’m talking Ace Town
They not talk aroun
Nigga, I could strike in ’em
If you don’t call it right here
The youngins taking it
The real Mccartney of coke
Said this a brick of broad
I trust you good about the horse
I got the latest chores
Nigga, I got a lease
On your lil’ balls
You pussy niggas watching me
Like they (???)


120 for the gram,
But I ain’t selling Yale
I run DMC
But this ain’t Hell’s jams
Got African connects,
Flying with the gandja
20 mill in three fifth
We finna pass our bonga
You’re broke, b**ch
You need some work,
You can come and work
Five hundred for the fan,
Eight for the shirt
That market cut clean
Like you show Elaine
I’m living out my dream
Through the triple queen
See these b**ches in the air,
I want city care
Want 35 for the hash
Want the whole bag?
This a bricka boy
Yeah, a taxing boy
I’m bringing nixers
To the set, holla at ya boy

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