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Bless The Booth Freestyle by Megan Thee Stallion

You niggas is blockin’ your blessings
If you so worried ’bout me, get invested
b**ch, I’m a business, you wanna get in it
Go put down your phone and pick up a pen
I understand, you thought you was smart
Blind lead the blind, y’all all in the dark
I know you used to seeing mediocre
I know the bar getting lower and lower
Nigga wanna constrict me like a Boa
Snake in the grass but I got the mower
I went and put the city on my shoulders
They got my name at the top of the totem
They know about me ’cause somebody told ’em
b**ches is soft, you know I’ma fold ’em
He say I’m heavy, I told him “I’m bloated”
You need to put this pussy on a podium
You need to shut up, let the pussy speak
A lot of you real niggas acting weak
I think you really mad at your daddy but get on the internet aiming at me
I think you motherf**kers need a hug
I think you motherf**kers need a shot
I think you motherf**kers need to buy a ticket to the show and come open your mouth
I make a nigga hit the hurt face
This that stub your toe kinda pain
This that real b**ch from the southside of that H-Town, switching lanes
This that sh*t real niggas ride to
I make music real b**ches vibe to
Yeah, I’m sexy, but, I’m gangsta
I make real killers come find you
b**ches ain’t built like Megan
God took his time when he made it
Get too much shine and get shaded
I don’t follow niggas I dated
If I f**ked your boo, don’t worry
These niggas seasonal like McFlurries
But my outfits be so summertime
Make a nigga crash ’cause I’m curvy
Hey, yeah
b**ch, I’m up now, ain’t no question (Hmm)
Giving these rappers a lesson (Hmm)
I should go work at the church (Hmm)
‘Cause they know Megan a blessing (Hmm)
They don’t like me ’cause I’m cocky
Well, I cannot help that my sexy sell
And I’m in love with my sexy self
I need a boo that’s gon’ sex me well
Should we shag now or shag later? (Huh)
I’m tryna put your rock on some paper (Huh)
Bae wanna eat and I cater (Huh)
Stalli too wild can’t tame her (Ayy)
They say that Megan too rowdy (Huh)
And she be showing her body (Ayy)
I bet if they got the chance (Huh)
They would come do it just like me, ahh

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Real hot girl sh*t, ahh

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