Before Rexmunch Was Even Served Song Lyrics


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Before Rexmunch Was Even Served by Ryan Carpus

Restless night. Creeping fright.
Dreams of fire. Situation dire.
Friends all falling. Scene appalling.
I wake in sweat. Is this fate set?

In the morning Robert told his friends what he saw,
But again was ignored and this time it hurt.
He cried out to them, ??Please, I know I don’t have proof,
But the stars don’t shine in the day and we just can’t delay.?

They said, ??You’re crazy, Robert Rex.
And it’s time for you to go.
Maybe you should stay in the woods.
And live alone with your pet squirrels.?

Robert would not leave until they all believed,
So they threw him out the door,
Before Rexmunch was even served.
Before Rexmunch was even served!

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