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Beast by Paul Austin Kelly

You beast, you
Be kind to the animals
Listen up, mates
Cause I can’t say it twice
You’ll learn that life has two sides
Nasty and nice.
You’ve got a mother’s love
Makes you feel safe and warm
And a beast that comes a-creeping
Trying to do you harm.
This beast can hurt your body
Or it can hurt your mind
It can cause others to hurt you
Or make you unkind.
This ain’t no PC game
This ain’t no arcade shot
This beast it keeps on growing stronger
With each gun you got.
You’ve got to bring the light of love
Down out of the sky
Then lock the beast inside the light
Bid it a fine good-bye.
You must be kind to the children of creation.
Hey, listen up children!
Hear what I got to say
You got plans to make.
Minds to shake
Starting today.
You’re the world’s only hope
And a price’ll be paid
It’s a weight to lay on you, I know
But it’s got to be laid
Cause the beast’ll distract you
With tinsel and toys
And it misdirects you
With hi-fi noise
Sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors
Hot babes and hard boys
But it’s still just a lousy beast
With a shell game ploy.
Dig deep
Find the love inside your heart.
This beast could try to make you
Want to wage a war,
Lead you to a blood bath
Aftermath guts and gore.
American lifestyle needs protecting
From the folks next door, it says
So blindly follow, swallow, wallow
Till you’re sore.
It’s got allies in the country,
In the valleys, on the sea
In the air and underground
In the West and in the East
In the very levels of reality
Your soul is it’s feast
It’s the Rich man, Poor man
Beggar man, Beast.
Your very future is a doorway
Oh, so tall and stout
But only you can determine
What comes in or goes out.
Be kind to humanity
Be good to your brothers
Be good to your sisters
Love one another
Love one another
Love one another.

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