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Bananas by Gamergad

Verse 1:
Imagine a big brown sofa passion n fashion an xbox on headphones and they blasting
That was my setup y’all when I wrote about life then fedexed y’all
See I been on a collect call wit my brain
This 9 to 5 killing my vibe said my brain
So it’s a then x then b two times
Apart of my life in my game
A minute of clarity d bills still due
But I’m in it so when it pivot nigga I’m made
Or maybe for the things that a change for a villain
A brand new whip Am i a slave
How cliche but when u grow up seeing transformers
N get the chance to ride in something that a transform ya
Prolly pull up bumping some of Rick Ross sh*t
Can I dream benchwarmer
If life was a video game I’d have a mil in the bank
I’d be the Dk of this rap sh*t cause a villain bananas (yea a villain bananas-double)
Life full of bananas I slipped I took a dip cause sh*t
You know that life get hard life get hard life get hard (double)
When life get hard I just star in my very own video game
And let the trigger be the killer I be killing the pain gad
Verse 2:
Benchwarmer former now I’m really cold u better have leg warmers
I’m really running and stacking up my blocks I’m Tetris
Still getting calls from collectors gad
But I ain’t home a villain out here but I ain’t gone
How many out here just living out here
Going thru the motions kinect on damn
Still on joysticks but I dream of the joy when my words stick
I’m Joakim in a world full of bullsh*t
N I bleed villain blood like I’m robot nik (sonic)
I od on the bud do u know bout it
We don’t know bout sh*t we got lost in a world that we do not live
But we dream I wonder when I’m dreaming
SkyBlew Verse:
I’m short like Diddy, with hair like tiny
Wanna fly, leave the world behind me,
You know where to find me… The clouds I reside at,
Looking for the blueprints, colors I provide that
Sly-er than a fox, broke outta the box this world’s cruel
Giving souls to be kings, everybody play the fool.
Was cranky for a minute.. until I found the potion
Of happiness, chunky fat lines through commotion
I’m hoping…. that these lanky legs lead me to success
Through the stress I been blessed
I confess i’ma nerd… but who you know cooler,
Than Freiza’s sibiling, got em nibbling my medulla
Got me flowing without thought, so get it for yourself
Rhymes golden bananas these words vital to your health.
Hope that wasn’t left, field. Give em food for thought,
Candy instrumental water for your melon keep the salt boi!

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