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Balls In My Face by Filthy Frank

[Verse 1] I was walking down the street one day and this
Beautiful girl came and put her
Chorus] (Balls in my face)
[Verse 2] I was watering my plants one day
And I noticed one of the little tomatoes had the
[Chorus] (Balls in my face)
[Verse 3] 6:30 am bout to go out and hit them gym
I went to the grocery to get some
[Chorus] (Balls in my face)
[Verse 4] I’m trying to be a good citizen
So I pick up all the trash in the road so I can get
[Chorus] (Balls in my face)
[Verse 5] Trying to go to school so I can work hard and
Get a diploma
[Chorus] (Balls in my face)
[Verse 6] Been trying to improve my life
Healthy life style is gonna
[Chorus] (Balls in my face)
[Verse 7] I’ve been taking dances lessons
I think I’m getting really good
[Chorus] (Balls in my face)
[Verse 8] We need to stop the war in syria
[Chorus] (Balls in my face)
[Verse 9] Can I please talk about something
[Chorus] (Balls in my face)
[Verse 10] Without getting
[Chorus] (Balls in my face)

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