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Baddest Chick by Edd Grand

My nigga would you look at these b**ches
Tryna get rich up in this club
They just wanna be the baddest chick, yea
They just wanna be the baddest chick, uh
My nigga would you look at these b**ches
Taking these pics up in this club
They just wanna be the baddest chick, yea
They just wanna be the baddest chick, they do
(Verse 1)
What’s your name girl
Tell me what’s your name
I heard you want the money
And I know you want the fame but
These niggas gon’ use you
They never treat you like I do
Where you at girl
Tell me where you at
You can get in trouble with a ass like that and
You ain’t even having fun in the club
Baby come over and we could turn up
Go into the club for the Instagram picture
Tryna f**k with niggas that would never f**k witchya
Show a little cleavage he might let you blow the whistle
No he ain’t a referee bet maybe he’ll make you official
Ass like the cover of the King that’s the issue
If he ain’t got money you don’t let him kiss you
Pop them pills, with no prescription
Niggas in the club need to get your attention
You skipped school, or you just missed a lesson
No gun but I know you use that pussy as a weapon
I know that’s your persona girl you ain’t gotta lie
But why f**k with all them niggas if they wanna waste your time, huh
(B section)
I wan’t you girl
But you just don’t know it yet
It could be you girl
I know it could, yea
You could be the baddest chick
(Verse 2)
Uh, did he change your mind? I’m hoping that you’re tired of
f**kin with them slimes
Cuz you super bad girl, 2 nickels you a dime
I hope that’s enough change to fulfill your desires
Flashing lights, late nights, girl you f**kin outta spite
Cuz you never had nobody in your life treat you right
So you all up in the club only lookin for the pipe
You think you owe it to yourself so your pussy pay the price
But these niggas never care so you ain’t worth the flight
To them you’re a double one, maybe they’ll hit it twice
Maybe 3 or 4 times I’m just tryna be precise
And you’ll be left saying nothing, just a word of advice
Still I wish you the best
I hope everything change
But since Drake dropped the album nothin was ever the same, yea
Nothin was ever the same
I just f**ked a new b**ch and I bought me a gold chain ho
(B section)

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