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Bad Girls by MKTO

[Verse 1: Tony Oller] Late night, she on fire
Calling me from numbers I don’t recognize
Wonderin’ if there’s somebody else in the room
She’d say that I’m crazy, nah baby it’s you
Shows up, fill her cup
I know what she wants is to get my love
I wish we could be just like Johnny and June
She’d cut out my heart and let me in the room
[Pre-Chorus: Tony Oller] And I know I, I should quit her
And I’d do it if I could
She a hot mess, but I confess
Damn, she got me good
[Chorus: Tony Oller] Cause I love them bad girls doin’ bad things
Lookin’ hot with an attitude
Love them bad girls like a bad dream
Shouldn’t want them, but I do
All the bad girls singin’
Yeah, all the bad girls singin’
And I can’t help it, no
Damn, it feels good when you’re messin’ with a bad girl
[Verse 2: Tony Oller] She got a body like a fast car, movie star
I’d do anything to be your bodyguard
She like gettin’ naked and swimmin’ in pools
She make it look sexy to break all the rules
Falling too fast, I might crash
But once you go in bad you know you can’t go back
I just wanna watch every way that she moves
She out on the edge like there’s nothing to lose
[Chorus: Tony Oller] [Bridge: Malcolm Kelley] She bad
She got my number
So hot she hotter than Vegas in August; Donna Summer
High class under the covers
Wakin’ up, we so sticky, we stuck to one another
[Verse 3: Malcolm Kelley] She gets what she wants, she takes what she needs
She all over me
She kind to me but ain’t a problem to me
A little bit of hell, but she got me in heaven
She my Bond girl, I’m MKT-007

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