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All Day, All Night by The California Honeydrops

I’ve been singin all day
Singing all night
Singing cause I got this feeling and I know
It’s a mighty hard road
But we all got to go
Yeah we all got to go
Moaning through the nights
Moaning through the days
Moaning cause I once had a love and now she’s gone
Oh dont you know she’s gone
Don’t you know she’s gone
And she ain’t coming back
I’ve been laughing through the nights
Crying through the days
Losing my mind
One tear at a time over you
It’s all over you
Mm hmm over yooouu
Oh girl I wish you knew
Who was in the right
Who was in the wrong
Who could have have known it would all come tumbling down
Mm hmm what a sound
Girl what a sound
When it hit the ground

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