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All Da Same by Alley Boy

The old niggas
They all da same!

The old niggas
They all da same!
The old niggas
They all da same!

Many niggas the same
This is another strip, nigga
Better stay in your lane
The lil’ niggas shoot side
Tryna get in the game
The hood sprayed off
Got them saying my name
I used to wind with this mars sh*t
But I kick it like I’m Nobel,
Project niggas can hit in my (???)
And the part of truth, here’s mine right here
Here’s the truth!
No complication! Ain’t gotta lie
Up in the booth
They knew we was selling the bricks on West
With them, we ain’t never run no tracks
I got two chops and an A
You still stay on the edge?
I’m still DOB and I’m still setting last (???)
You know it is when I see a nigga I ain’t speak


Aye, fifty thousand on my necklace
Into Houston er’ week like I’m from Texas
Real street nigga when about my momma Lexus
These niggas ain’t some b**ches. They need to wear some dresses
Living life worthless, b**ch, niggas can’t see me?!
Choppaz spin you home niggas around like some CD plays some phoneys
They some fakes, some mah’f**kin’ cons
I ride ’em with my partners, even if they don’t want it
RIP my nigga Mall, I swear I miss the days
Tramping all week just to f**k it up and blaze it
These niggas are some snitches, just like Dakota Black
Once you cross that line, pussy, it ain’t no turning back

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Told you, Alley, these old niggas aren’t official
Fellow talking with these hoes, quit the diss, you
But we gon’ keep this sh*t marbling, play out part
All these fagget ass niggas left in the dark
We knew they wasn’t cut from my cloth
Now they surprised we cut ’em off
Off wid his head, off wid his chain
Off wid his watch, off wid his ring
Knock out his brains, these niggas lames
We want the money, they want the fame
We untame bears, them niggas squares
But like the hook say, aye


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