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2 The Hotel by Young Soulja The Realest

[Verse one]:
Sip a little wine, put yo seat in recline
Now count sixty secounds I’ma make ya ass mine
Wifey at the crib, so can’t go to my place
Fine young dyme I meet ya ass off myspace
Baby is you wit it
Swing they ass my way line a pinata I can hit it
I told her rub the poonanny, it will make the dick harder
And I can make it rain but I ain’t dewayne carter(nope)
So I’ll throw change for starters
Pussy drip droppin’like a faucet leakin’ some water
It’s a full moon out, it’s hella gettin’ late
And I don’t got reservations at the e-z 8 (not yet)
We can shine like real diamonds, no cubic zirconium
Let me get behind you baby, while you play potium
No cubic zirconium
Now let me get behind you baby, while you play potium
[Verse two]:
See I could take you to the hotel, only if you know kells
We can get it poppin’ off the neck like coat tails
Oh well, let me warm it like oat meal
And better give it free, cause I don’t want it if it’s for sale
Yes, and you f**kin’ with the best
And if you rollin’ with the soulja you ain’t gotta stress
Na, so baby tell me how you feelin’
You can sip a lil’ brandy but it’s only if you willin’

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